Trying to Appeal my universal blacklist after being blacklisted for 2 years


Username: ( vexidix)
Discord: ( ! chris#1711 )
Discord Id: ( 407279633721982977 )
Ban reason: ( Back in may 2020 I threatened to leak pictures of a former HICOM member. They registered that I was going to leak another picture of a different HICOM member but that wasn’t true. )


( I am not sure what I was thinking since it goes against discord ToS, I was just being stupid at the time. I tried to appeal my ban 2 months after my blacklist but it was denied. Now that it has been 2 years since my blacklist and I have nothing else to do I am trying to appeal my universal blacklist for the second time. I apologized to this said person a while ago and never understood why I even did that. I hope my sins can be forgiven and all of this can be left in the past. Now that I think about it, It’s crazy to think about how I came back to appeal for a dumb mistake I made when I was 13. )


This is the wrong section for divisional/discord bans/blacklisted.
This section is for global document blacklists.