TK warnings menu

My suggestion is to add menu with choose option, do you want to give TK warning for tker. That would solve problem with TK bans for accidenly TKing, for example when there is a lot of people in one room. Sometimes people just forgive a random TK. After getting killed by other GAR member game would show you menu with title “Do you want to give TKer a warning” with options “yes” and “no”.

but why? the current system works well, just like don’t TK everyone else, if you accidently TK someone else get a clip and appeal it, or get a vouch from the one you killed and appeal it

but you can just instantly dont give someone a warning. No one would want to appeal to a warning which is going to be removed after small amount of time. But there could be option to set automaticly choosing option “yes” or “no”