TK problem solving I think

If someone decides to try to TK (Not applying to divs or officers) the team killers will take all the damage instead of you and will still be warned if they decide the keep attempting to kill trying to kill a divisonal as a divisonal and not being a acceptable rank if you die attempting to kill another div you will instantly be put in jail for 3 minutes

gar on gar TK = 3 warning and ban

Div on div TK = 2 warnings and 3 minutes of jail time

Gar on CG RG RT TK = full day ban (24 hours)

Gar on ANY OFFICER RANK TK = 4 day ban

Gar on div Ali’s the same as gar on gar

killing anyone before they even leave spawn excluding apartments as a raider gar or div = instant 12 hour ban

Since civilian role was announced killing unarmed civilians that aren’t in restricted areas = 5 warnings and ban

Killing immigrants= nothing happens

Weapons are disabled for 1 second after teleporting

Present a list of rules as soon as you join the game and can only be disabled once the player confirms their promise to follow the rules

30 second jail time after the first TK and / or RK offense and you have those 30 seconds to read the rules again

Cadets are given a tip about gar divs and TK RK SK every 5 minutes to teach them some things before they become troopers

Watch your fire message after shooting a friendly

“Entering restricted area you leave or be shot” warning for citizens


That is all
Leave your opinions

So that mean if GAR on GAR ban forever? if yes that was really bad because sometimes people don’t record and do TK accidentally so I think 24H ban is ok

It’s just 3 warnings and the regular ban time nothing will be cbanged there

tbh should be teamkill toggle option