Tips on how to be respected in GAR and Raiding

Tips on how to be respected in GAR and Raiding

Title explains itself. I am not saying I am the most respected but yeah, here are some tips.

*Purely out of opinion and experience


  1. Respect RG, Riot, VIP, and others’ kill zones. If you don’t, it makes you look annoying and immature.

  2. Be helpful around the map. I always try and help cadets wanting to learn how to rank up and what a post is. It’s nice and kind and helps the community grow.

  3. Set an example. RKing, TKing, and SKing are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Listen to this, lower ranks follow EVERYTHING you do.

  4. Don’t immediately kill people when they are out of line. I usually give them a warning then 10 seconds. 99.9% of the time the go back in line.

  5. Enjoy GAR. Nobody wants a depressed sociopath in the group. Just have fun. :slight_smile:


  1. Be decent at raiding (pretty obvious).

  2. Be a active member of a raid group. (SER for example)

  3. Have connections. When I raided I knew multiple raider hicoms. I gained new friends that way. (I know, probably wanted to get things from the hicom through me lol)

  4. Respect other raiders and immigrants. Nobody likes SKers and TKers.

  5. Like GAR, enjoy raiding. :slight_smile:

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*I am open to any suggestions and edits on this tutorial or anything that needs to be adjusted


Very well formatted, I like this.

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better than others yeah

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uhhh, i dont want to invalidate ur whole post but, yeah man, lets be honest, no one respects or know u in coruscant, so why would anyone take what u said here seriously lol