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This new map is boring for a lot of people. (FOR KURKA AND VIKING)


(You should create a new game with all of the old games content, because a lot of people hate the new update, and are trying to start riots. )


( None needed. )

No stop asking for the old game back, theyre not gonna add it back

The new game isn’t boring, there are many more things to do now, go explore, run the new border, guard the border, off-duty raid, etc.

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They spent like 4 months or something on the new map and I hate it it’s to big not enough speeders we can’t even sprint. They should add like a underground train or something.

Bro, they spent almost 1 year to make the new map, OK it’s to big and we don’t have a lot of speeders, but it’s basicly impossible they bring the old map back.


I mean… #20moreletters

They might use the old map for a week of more just to add gameplay feature’s, that’s it.

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we must deal with these traitors that are rioting against the republic i say they are banned from the millitary