This KOS/AOS is stupid wtf did vikinglaw do to the game

This is actually dumb, arresting raiders just for being good at the game. We buy about 20 gamepasses with high cash and then now this gets added to the game wtf. We need raiders to keep the game alive, not jailing them. As a GAR personnel I think it’s wrong to arrest a raider.


Killing raiders is already enough. There no point in cuffing them just to get punish in jail cells.


The arresting part is just for roleplay purposes.

Also arresting is five minutes. stop being a baby.

Have you ever though about the part where CG’s SPAWN CAMP raiders at the immigrant spawn, and even camp HOTEL ROOMS? That isnt 5 minutes, its hours of being camped by ignorant and bored CG.


Just join a different server. It’s not that much to just let a CG arrest you. It saves hours an hours as you said, and they’ll just leave you alone.

Yes, yes cry more CRY MORE!

they follow you into game, and theyre in a lot of servers, and again, when is it our fault to be camped?

Maybe turn off the setting that allows anyone to join you?

they can search each server, its not a huge game, and again, when is it our problem to go out of our way to do it and our problem to evade camping that shouldnt happen

True, GAR isn’t so friendly to its raiders, but they’re still an essential part of the game.

AOS is ridiculous, honestly unfair to raiders I 100% agree it should be removed.

People spent thousands of robux to play as a raider, and the response is getting arrested and spawn camped.

It’s unfair and unjust.

I don’t know if this is a bias because you’re my friend and trusted, but you guys should seriously write more like MeIs. He’s convinced me to join his side.

yes, they are. the problem is that people are thinking the true way to fix this is for raiders to go out of their way and have to leave the game, turn off joins, go to a smaller server, just to be camped again. that should be a problem, and no arguement can change that.

im not even a raider, im a 187th now and I’ve had experience on both sides, and I feel that all CG needs to do is back off a little on the camping and play fair. in the past CG have used gamebreaking glitches to get into the spawn just to do it.

except all hes been saying is the same things I have, me and mei have the same beliefs, you just crumble when two people say it.

Never had this problem, I don’t know what psychopath would do such a thing lol.

But I haven’t experienced AOS since joining 327th so what do I know.

I’m not crumbling I’m well convinced because of him. This is a thing that happens often and I’ll explain. He’s stating his opinion and stating that it should be removed. “Spending thousands of Robux to play as a raider” is pretty convincing, as well as wording. It’s unfair and unjust gets me to be convinced, guys it’s about writing and convincing.

except i said the same thing, and u ignored it. infact ive talked about this same sort of post 100’s of times

You didn’t word it enough well for me. I’m barely going to listen with a lack of professionalism. I’m not convinced by you.

again, ive convinced you before 100’s of times, so again, wdym