The Rise of the Sith


~Considering that we do not fully follow Star Wars Lore~

To liven up the community and the game, I propose that we have an event soon, at 75K likes on the game.

There will be one Sith Assasin at first. The aim of the event is to prevent said Sith from reaching a Stronghold in the City.

The StrongHold.

The StrongHold contains 5 Kyber Crystals. These Crystals may be obtained twice a day. The StrongHold will act like a bank but with more defensive measures put in place. It will be CG’s job to guard The StrongHold during the event.

The StrongHold will not be opened with C4 but with the animation of a Lightsaber cutting through to the inside.

Once that Sith gathers a certain amount of Crystals, maybe 100 or 150, a new Sith Assasin joins the event. The goal for GAR members is to not let the Sith Assasins gather 6 members or a certain amount of Kyber Crystals GAR might receive power points for either killing that Sith or participating in it. Either how many events participated=power points or something similar to damage.

The Event might last over 2-3 months, considering how hard the players and opposition try.

The Sith Assasin characters would receive some special force abilities such as an increased range, of Force Destroy or Extra armour and a Customized Lightsaber. And possibly some special Star Wars music when they are in-game.

Those Sith members would either be very good raiders or specially picked people from the community, but not GAR HR-HiComs or other GAR personnel, except exceptions made by HR.

I feel that if this does go through, there might actually be more people/more enthusiasm in the game during this event.

Extra Detail.

Divisional Members will receive 10% more damage.
CG Members will receive 10% more health.
RC Members will receive 25% buff all way round.

That is all, the developers may consider making there own interesting designs and/or characters

Thank You.

I agree with the general premise of the suggestion however I don’t think it will work on the scale you have suggested. I think it should be similar to the bank heist with how someone can start the event and then GAR have to go and defend the StrongHold. It would be almost like the bank robbery on steroids. Definitely a cool suggestion but I think the logistics of the event are too difficult and would need to be scaled down a little. Let me know what you think!

I just feel that we need more enthusiams in GAR, an objective fror a short period of time.
And possibly some more gamepasses

This sounds like it would be tons of fun. I would totally want this event to happen.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

I feel GAR should remain GAR for 3 years and than we switch to the empire for 27 years and follow the star wars timeline in real life