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The problem with the new map(CG related)

The new map is cool with new features of course but seeing how big the map is I think that CG won’t be able to cover all grounds such as, Random killing when the CG aren’t here, raiding, trespassing.
Any ideas?
Please reply kindly and let me know why you agree or disagree thanks for reading :slight_smile:
Edited: Random killers could use speeders to escape arrest.

There are a lot of problems which they will need to look into. Gar needs to handle 3 entries into the border out of which they will camp the other 2 which is annoying for raiders. But only time can tell the map is still laggy and buggy.

Indeed but there isn’t a lot of CG in the group.

For a policing division they have a lot and when they need cg they mass recruit.

But few people pass CG tryout lol.

At one point it had the highest no of members it all depends on how much you recruit.

I believe that if they get a few CG personnel to patrol the city on speeders, then there shouldn’t be too much trouble.

What I find weird is that BARC is mostly said to use speeders and with everyone being able to use speeders i really dont see the difference of BARC than any other division.

Hopefully due to the new map’s size the player limit will increase to 100 - 150.

if you check the testing place of the map you can see it has reached to 100 players. it may change upon initial release but it looks like it may be 100 players

It was 700 a while back but for everyone to be in the same server.