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The new map. (My opinion)

The new map in my opinion has good detail and looks like it took a lot of time and effort. But the problem is its too laggy, too many players, Map is too big for you to know where to go, nobody knows there posts. The new map has caused chaos to the game and in my opinion not fun to play anymore. No hate to the developers they did a good job but for the GAR team its not fun anymore.

My solution to fix this problem is too lower players to 60 for less lag. Keep the old border and system maybe change the bridge to the train you added. Keep the new city but old border and booth, line etc… I loved the old map but the only thing that needed a change was the city, because the bigger the city the more fun it is to explore for immigrants, but the smaller the border the easier it is to find your post and make the game more fun.