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The most TOXIC GAR or raiders

I got on the idea to do this because of @MeIsC00lGuy2020 and i hope i dont steal his idea or he is angry because i do this but i thought it was fun to do this too.

So if you have seen some toxic guy please tell me mayby i know them. Ive met many of them.


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I don’t really see many toxic GAR. If low ranks In GAR try to be toxic they use incorrect grammar and it makes them look stupid.

For toxic raiders, I have met a lot of them. There was this one AOS raider who acted like they were better than everyone. They weren’t that good at fighting in my opinion because all they did was spam alter.

Another one is Boltify and there is proof of him bypassing a slur/offensive word on the forums and for some reason he’s still allowed to be on the forums and in the game.

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Lol, I don’t mind if you reuse my ideas and whatnot. I can’t copyright Strike you lol.

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The Most toxic raider is Ghoul_Editz1

Newsheev was always hiding from me because he is AOS and I am a CG. He would just hide behind the invisible wall.


I have met a specific raider that is especially toxic. If you kill him he quickly types and harasses you my saying “Ur bad”, “Trash” and whatnot. When he kills you he spams “ez”, “Trash”, “Fight me”, and more. He will target you until you’re dead if you kill him once.

I got tons of screenshots, Ill share a few. This all started when I killed him a few times (Because he was Kos at the time) and then he started being toxic. After that I ran into him like 4 or so more times on different servers I noticed he was rolling me everywhere I went. I had to deal with him so much its not even annoying anymore, just tiring and an inconvenience.

He Killed the Serg in the booth and locked me inside to force me to reset. (I didn’t and he eventually got killed and I was freed)

Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 7.55.25 PM


I’ve met a lot of raiders who are toxic, it’s probably their ego of being better which makes them feel like that but after a raid is over I eventually kill them, and they can’t accept that, I’m don’t really combat the orthodox way so they get annoyed with that too but yea some of them are quite toxic.

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I myself as a raider judge alot of people on how they are. If I feel they are being too full of themselves I might shut them down but most of the time I just chill in a cozy santa morph viewing everyone’s actions and taking action here and there.


I met this really toxic raider this morning. He was calling me “loser” and “trash” over and over again. He got really mad every time I shot him.

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Name? If its someone I dont know or have good relations with I can teach the person a lesson.

I met this really toxic raider a few minutes ago a_potplatinum or something like that. He was raiding and then I he was just saying “so bad” and just been toxic. I shot him and he died when he tried to force choke me, and his response was something like “Wow your trash”.

A Corporal wasn’t obeying me. So I shot him a couple of times, but he was on the lamp post which hand an invisible wall, he thought I had bad aim. He said to me “You can’t even stop someone 3 studs away”. Then he attempted to TK me, a CG cuffed him but he uncuffed himself by leaving the game which gave him a temporary ban.

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I just saw him in game again. He was in the booth and then he exited and I shot him. He then said “rk” even though he was literally just in a restricted area raiding.

I saw a cadet that wasn’t listening to a Sergeant so when the Sergeant killed him he spammed “TK RK RK RK”.

So there is this group creed and in one of their recent announcements @Rxtrivaa said that if you see names like 24k or a robanger avatar or name you should just kill them. Maybe I can agree with this as I have over the time seen many of these specific people fight other raiders. Mainly robangers get toxic to so try to stay away from them and if they say your bad at the game or your trash, just remember that hated by alot of people not only here but in other games as well.

This is both funny and ironic, really. The intention family has received the same kind of hate nonetheless, sounds pointless that you’re bashing out at my group because you decided to leave. You’re racist, ignorant, and nothing but a person who downgrades people just in act of vengeance.

And it’s not toxicity, almost 90% of all the robangers I’ve came across in Coruscant during my time, all of them have been hostile regardless of who you are, trying to act like they’re the ‘bigger man’. Toxicity isn’t basic facts.

Hey mate weren’t you saying both types of n-words and expressing your hate on black people?

Omg skilled saber tooth

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Imagine being toxic in lego game lol

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