The Man, The myth, The Legend. SidTheSuperKid87 and what happened to him

There once was a man named sid the super kid. He was a really super kid. He had a youtube channel too called sidthesuperkid871. i can’t find it anymore. i think he raided he was so super and nice. we were even broskies and we were set to have a beautiful wedding in courscant . it never happened. and i soon realised why. sid the super kid was actually sid the science kid and he was coming to eat me. he has now been exposed for his behavior

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I actually forgot about the whole broskie boo and Sid getting married thing, where is he? @sidthesuperkid87

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Oh man I forgot sid existed

He was truly a top G


This was a satire post but I just think he has a better life now. I think everyone does. Even I’m not on that often.

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Yea a lot of people have moved on.