The higher the rank, the more warnings on team kills


The Teamkill thing is stupid so I want Sergeant to get 5 warnings, Staff Sergeant gets 6, Master Sergeant gets 7, Sergeant Major 8, and Warrant Officer gets 9


( Any helpful resources - videos / images )

I don’t agree with this. If E4- is refusing to post or follow orders, let a divisional handle it since they don’t get TK warnings. If you’re sick of TK warnings, join a division.

no, this is abusable, there is a reason why only officers and divisionals get this

Ok but punishments should not increase depending on rank just be good and do what your told

Bruh in tge, the e5 and above dont even have tk warnings. But you are able to report tk abuse to shocks or officer and they handle it. The purpose for no tk warnings is to prevent e4- from leaving the border, which kinda make e5+ a bit of a police. It easier to do so as the border is more indoor, not outdoor.