The Forum Election part 2

Fancy seeing you all here.

@Sidthesuperkid871 and I have been discussing it, we have decided that this next part of the election flyer making. This flyer can be a well made, or genuine trash. This is just a bit of fun. Post it in the comments bellow this post!

The next stage will be the actual election.

Good luck.

@MeIsC00lGuy2020 @Tiger @milo_creator @BobTheBuilder @Destroy356 @keanu_lopez @DembIIe

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Don’t worry I have a propaganda magazine factory.

Hello, my name is Shay. You all know who I am. I am unanimously the smartest member on forums. Let’s get to the point. If you vote for me, I will do:

  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • And finally, nothing

ISNT IT GREAT?! If you vote for me, you will get absolutely NOTHING! Everything will stay the same, and nothing will change at all!!


Interesting flyer design. Almost represents the forum message style…

hello i am destroy_356 if you vote me i wil:
-reduce toxicity
-reduce troll posts
-create a place to hangout
dont vote shay he is cray