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The BEST chance at being unbanned via forum appeals

Hello! I am going to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to get the best chance at appealing a ban.

Step one: Create a post in #appeals:discord

Step two: find your discord ID and write it in the format ( How to get Discord ID [EASY 2021] - YouTube ).

Step three: Writing your appeal.

Writing an appeal requires a bunch of things to be a successful appeal:

  • Ban cannot be too severe, such as high treason and IAD bans.

  • You cannot be banned mutiple times before with severe offenses.


  • Use complete grammar. Don’t make an appeal about being underage and then use bad spelling, it wont make them believe you!

  • Don’t ramble, go straight to the point. Moderators don’t want you to vent about your real life, they want to know the situation.

  • Be sincere. Even if you don’t think its true, still apologize to those who you think might have been hurt by your actions, even if its unknowing.

  • Explain how you’ll change. Don’t just say your sorry, talk about what you’ll do in the future!

  • Don’t bug moderators to read appeals. Moderators have lives, theyre job isnt only appeals. Some of them are officers too, and they have school, a quota, and some have a job.

  • Summarize your conclusion. To end it, emphasize that yout sorry, and then you truely are. Explain how you didnt mean what you did.

Step three: Wait. Wait for a response, and if its denied, you always have the V&K industries email provided.

This is weird since its coming from you. if it was MeIs or someone else it would be ok.

What’s wrong about it?

He recently got permanent blacklisted in a few divisions.

I will check it, I didn’t know about that. Still, this tutorial is valid because moderator approved it.

Actually im making my own tutorial right now on raiding. members can now make tutorials.

On what exactly? What counts as raiding or something else?

A basic tutorial like yours on how to get weapons and also strategies to become one. As well as what is considered raiding and not off duty raiding.

Good luck then :+1: . I hope it gets approved.

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So, i cant be a contributing member of the group?

I do this because i have a passion in helping people, no need to say this.

Fair point. We can’t judge people by their mistakes. You want to help community by posting this and moderator approved it. If there would be mistakes then it wouldn’t get approved.

Half is cap and also im trolling.

Who? Third Guard???

Yes sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr.