The 35th infantry

if GAR wants to add a new clone division the 35th infantry would be a perfect fit.

200 Days, Trooper+

Trooper: the normal white armor with marked with the bright yellow armor .
ARC: Everyone knows what ARC would be.

The Third Battalion: is mostly a defensive group of clones they are to support and give cover fire.
The Fourth Battalion: is mostly a offensive group of clones they are to rush and take the fight and turn the tides to their side.
There is two unidentified companies of 35th Battalion so I will make the two other up.
The Stealth company: as the name says the a stealth company so I see having some sort of a masking device to cover their tracks.
With last company I will let what the community deiced what it will be Because I have no clue
Officers & Ranks:

Company Commanders: a a harder rank to get but not the hardest but you get to tell orders
Executive Officer & Commanding Officer: the best rank to achieve you are either Ven,Bek, Sergeant Tel, or Commander Levet.

Equipment: Blaster Rifle, Level 2 clearance, And Speeders for The stealth company.

I have been unable to find any images for the troopers so far.
sources are from and the format is from Foxy70573 and 21st Nova corps.

ok we dont need thism also 31 days is WAY too little

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I just think that it would cool to have this because no one really has heard of this clone battalion but I changed the day requirement 150 to make more harder to get in it.

at least 200
also stealth company dosent really need speeders, farmer squadron dosent make sense

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so the clone commader he bacme a farmer after order 66

and I couldn’t think of any thing else to put