Thank you Kurka!

To be fair, I disliked Kurka for a bit.
But I’ve gotten over it and recently noticed how he actually genuinely cares and loves our community and playerbase.

He pushed out so many updates recently and is doing his best to improve our experience, let’s appreciate that we have a genuinely caring leader for once who takes holiday time to work on our game and community.

He barely gets any recognition or gratitude for the work he does for us, so I have 3 words for you.

Thank you Kurka.


Way better than Viking. Viking truly did not give his left nipple about GAR. If you’ve seen half the videos on his YT, you’d understand why I’m saying this. Spoiler: Troll videos in GAR


in some days being chancellor he’s doing more than vikinglaw did all the time he was chancellor lmao


3 months later Kurka has also abandoned us

Yes! I do as well! He is very good with GAR.

4 months later lol :joy: