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Temporary KOS role for raiders suggestion


Sometimes people raid then they act innocent for about a minute then they go back to raiding when we earn back their trust. I suggest we make a temporary KOS (Kill on sight) system where if a raider kills another GAR member, they will get one minute of KOS. They will get the KOS tag above their head if they do so.

The time will add up depending on the amount of GAR members the raider kills (If the raider kills 4 GAR members then they will get 4 minutes of KOS). If a raider kills a divisional member such as a member from the 327th Star Corps, the raider will get 2 minutes added of KOS instead of one (So if two divisional members are killed, the raider gets 4 minutes of KOS).

The time should max out at 5 minutes so the KOS raider doesn’t go acting all innocent again and that they can still be killed. One the time is over, the raider’s KOS tag will be removed. If the raider dies, their KOS role will still be on the top of their head.

If a GAR member of a GAR divisional member kills another GAR member while on duty, then that person will not become KOS.

The game’s system already gives the GAR members a TK warning, so it will go with that by not giving the GAR member the KOS tag. The game also makes it so GAR divisional members do not get TK warns when killing another GAR member, so it will not give that player a KOS tag either.

I am not sure how to deal with raiders rejoining the server, but I feel that will be unlikely.

For people that ask “Should we make them AOS instead?” that is a worse idea and there aren’t any people with cuffs ingame normally anyways.

That is about all I have to say, please reply to this if I should add anything.

– Random Corporal, DembIIe

I don’t agree, if a raider kills an entire border and dies, he would be KOS for a long time, even if he doesn’t want to raid anymore he would be killed.

This is a very bad Idea, if someone is raiding or playing the game the dont want a fucking KOS tag above their head

If they start raiding they can just wait out the 5 minutes after they raid.

I think that KOS tag should expire after raider dies. The purpose of that KOS tag is to know if raider stealth-killed GAR and have shotgun at the booth ready to kill more of GAR.

I think it’s great idea. This could help reduce RK a lot.

My little tweak would be so if they hold a weapon out in the open you’d get a KOS tag above them until their weapon is away. So anything from raiding to robbing the bank would give you “KOS” with reason “Robbing the bank” or “Murder of GAR” would appear for a specified amount of time.

If a Trooper decides to RK them or anyone they will get a “Random Kill Warning”, 5 and it is a temp ban and loss of points.


If this is your fault that this was added your dead to me


Ikr, KoS was nerfed but it’s still annoying.

I killed 5 troopers for killing me and I got kos again I mean WTH