Temple on Coruscant: raid, heist and event

Temple on Coruscant: raid, heist and event

This is the second part of the suggestion about the Jedi Order.
It should have lower level storage there are stored all sorts of things, training equipment, medicines, lightsaber, kyber is an expensive currency that you can exchange at the bank, craft a lightsaber or sell in the market.
It gives you the opportunity to rob the lower level of the vault robbery like in a bank, but a little more difficult.
Valuable things are stored in the library and archive, there is data that contains information about the Jedi Order and a lot of information could be robbed there, but one condition is that you need to gather a few people to make it easier to raid the Temple, since it guards there quite tightly, after the robbery, you can do something with it to study or sell it to the market, there’s a Holocron Vaults nearby that can also be stolen, could only be activated and used through the power of the Force.


Holocron Vaults

The event “Order 66” is available for Rainylofi and some officers to use such an event so that GAR can fight against the Jedi Order.

  • Players must be 30 vs 30 or more.
  • Time passes 40 - 80 minutes or earn enough 3k or 5k points to become the winning team.
  • Kills a person totals one points
  • Archive raid (should be 6-8 Holobooks or more) for GAR counts 5 points per data. If the Jedi manages to destroy one Holobooks then he will get 10-15 points.
  • When the event starts, the GAR spawn is transferred to the Temple.
  • Jedi Temple mapping will change to destruction a bit.
  • It is possible to capture points like from Battlefront 2 where each second counts one point, and the point spawn opens.

I advise you to read the previous suggestion Jedi Order branch.

Share your opinion, there is some idea then writing comments, I will read and do something.