tempBanned for team killing


Username: ( Yatokami623 )
Ban reason: ( team killing)


( There was a trooper who tked me when i told him to post even though i was higher rank than him, so i got revenge and team killed him but at the same time accidentally killed another cadet walking past. When he respawned he followed me and i know i cannot team kill anymore so i told the high rank to tell him to stop and he stopped. But after the high rank is gone he immidiatly shot me so I had to kill him again and i got kicked. So i request to be unbanned as it wasnt fully my fault )


( Vouch from the officer if killed )


I am sorry this happened to you.
Next time you should get proof of the GAR that TKed you and report them on the forums instead of TKing them back.

Status: Denied :x:

Best regards,