Teach the cadets instead of just letting them rank up

Not teaching the cadets anything and just letting them rank up to troopers and get a gun so they just end up getting banned for mass RK and TK is a big problem

So would it be easier to give them a simple training

Stage 1 basics

Basics include
How to follow orders
What certain things like RK mean

Stage 2 practice

Practice incudes
Targeting practices
Border defense

Stage 3 ranking

Ranking includes
How the chain of command works
And how to rank up

Stage 4 graduation

You are asked 1 question do you need to repeat training or are you ready to graduate

Good idea. It might be a little difficult for the cadets to understand still because they are all little kids.

cadets aren’t always kids lol

I wasn’t a little kid when I joined. Anyways @jameshal2superslayer this has already been suggested.

Still a good idea though.

I like the idea, but people who are cadets are mostly just trying out GAR. Imagine you join a game, and your first experience before you have anything fun to do is to go through some training. So many people will just quit. We have tryouts for divisional, and that’s enough. Sometimes people just have to learn through experience.