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Suggestions in a nutshell

Please note that these are not legit suggestions and are a parody of what I typically see under suggestions

Parody 1:

pLeESe maKe A mOBLie DiVsoN iM ON Ipad aNd gAR iS unfaRe pLs mAKE GaMe FARE!

Parody 2:

PlS neRf RadiNG or BaN iT PlS I bAD aT aiM aNd gaMEPAsses unfare iS PaY to wiN PlS!!!

Parody 3:

plS giVE wOS admiN perMs iN coRuScinT pLs tey desere It!!1!!!1!1!

Parody 4:

MoRe PatRoL DiViSonS plS bc CoruScint doesnt have enOUGH oF Tose!

Parody 5:

SpAwn ButtOns chose wHeR u Spawn PLS!!!1

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pls add new map agin it was actualy good

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And then the good suggestions just don’t get read.

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pLs gIVe cORpOrAls cUFfs wE nEeD tHEm

plS ReMoVE tHE koS ANd aOs tAGs wHeN i aM rAIdiNG iTs ANnoyinG


tyhhipthebest corporal GAR