Suggestion about the AOS

The system of getting KOS and AOS is okay, but i got AOS today and when i finally got free i still had it so i got jailed again. I suggest that when you have got a jail by AOS the AOS is gone after.

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Let’s all just ignore this suggestion : D

Nope. The raiders do deserve a bit of relief after getting their criminal records wiped out.

What is your problem. IF anything this is a glitch because your supposed to have it gone when you get out.

I don’t think this is a glitch, I’m pretty sure KOS/AOS (for killing GAR) is on a timer, meaning if you have AOS it will not reset after you are arrested, only after it’s timer runs out. I expect that this will all be fixed on the release of the new map, but we’ll just have to wait, won’t we?