Stuff for immigrants and everyone in the new map

Stuff for immigrants and everyone in the new map.

As a matter of fact, there are no opportunities for Immigrants, I propose to improve immigrants, give them the opportunity to get jobs, level up (Reputation), and so on.


I propose to add Reputation Levels or Level, this makes it possible to open some things, work, and so on. How to increase the level of reputation you need to work to earn a level depends on what kind of work you work, if you work at the highest level, more salary and increase levels (level points)
And the Level Job is the level of work that you have chosen the job, and you work, get the level of the job and also the salary becomes higher.

This is when you open the menu, you can choose which profession.

You chose a profession, and there is a description that will tell you what kind of profession, and it contains access levels, licenses, and so on.

This is the Daily you can get some stuff.

And the higher the levels, stuff opens up, you have the opportunity to buy some kind of clothes, vehicle, weapons. It depends on which shop can be cheap, medium and expensive. It says class: worker, business and elite.
Purchasing food products gives you HP. There are different prices: the lowest price of HP will not be enough; Average price will be average HP; The high price that HP high. It does not require Level Reputation. It can be cafes and up to a restaurant.

Buying a vehicle. There is a required level.

Buying clothes. it has a Required Level.

This is a gunsmith store, and it can have different price, class of store, and so on. It has the required levels. I propose to add modifications, attachment, skins in this weapon.

The sale of weapons is possibly related to the black market.

While overall an interesting gameplay, it has its problems. Well, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that everyone should play well in this game, I want everyone to be as balanced as possible. Share with your opinions, if there is something wrong, then write, I will do better.

Jobs are PLANNED.
Buyable vehicles is PLANNED.
if you could check planned stuff before posting suggestions please do that

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It literally in the development channel of discord. Scroll up and you should see it.

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I know what they planned, but they don’t 100% plan things like this, and I remind you that Rainylofi said “If you want to provide feedback on any of my plans above, please use the suggestions section on the forum” which means that I can improve his plans, and give my idea, suggestion to him.

A bit late with this response.

This is already planned:
The rework should be between the following weeks/months (no release date yet) which all (but if not, most) of these should be released.

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it is planned, but this is a suggestion is it not? he is suggesting for the plan

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