Stop trying to make coruscant like battlefront

You guys, stop trying to add weapons, and mechanics from battlefront. If you want to play battlefront on roblox just search it up and it will be there

Or you could play the actual game. It really frusturates me when I’m seeing people posting about how they should add “blah blah or blah blah”

Sincerely Jester #0194

I didn’t see any suggestions saying…let’s make Corcuscant into Battlefront. We suggest weapons like bacta bombs, bombs & guns because it looks more real as compared to a candy gun and I think they’re listening.


Please link a few topics where people have said this? I have read a lot of topics and haven’t seen anyone trying to make coruscant into a 1st person shooter.

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Exactly lmao. I was going to say that.

All i’m saying is i’ve seen it.

The weapons and stuff aren’t from Battlefront, they are Star Wars. So why not add more Star Wars content to a Star Wars game?


The groups I see/have seen doing this lose a lot of popularity after the buzz dies down.

You copied a game on Roblox, cool for 15 minutes then I can go play the real thing for an hour.

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Yeah. I have to be honest that’s true :grimacing:

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