Stop. Posting. Goodbyes

This isn’t a rant. I’m just saying you should stop posting these “Im leaving community bai guyz! :sob::sob::sob::sob:” then returning a week later. I’ve seen like over 5 at this point. If you post it and don’t commit to it it makes you look like an attention seeker.

Examples (No offense to anyone mentioned):



(Returned on his ALT MyBrotherhood)

(Returned on his ALT TheHo1yCrusader)


(Returned on an alt)

These are only some I could find. There are plenty more.

If your gonna post smth like this, think about it before posting. Either post if genuinely, or don’t post it at all.

(Again, not a rant, I’m not pissed, just frustrated to what lengths people will go for attention)

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(20 char)


Cough cough Ok and?

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Read the 1st sentence of that post. :skull:

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skywalker is actually TheH0lyCrusader


skywalker is the holy, and blaclhand


Such a rant :rage::rage::rage::rage: am so angry.

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:rage: wanna go to dinner date on roblox at dunkin donuts


This is so true LOLLLL

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You did start it sir.

G u should not be talking you “left” the raiding community cuz of bullying and literally joined back 24 hours later

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why cheat on mi???

I don’t even know who you are lmao

am I supposed to care or? Regardless u did the same exact thing bro literally quit cuz he got “bullied” lmaooo

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You seem to care about it lol. If it bothers you that much, then deal with it.

WAIT WHAT. WHY DO I NOT KNOW THIS. People making too many alts I can’t stay on top of it all.

When I said dnc I was saying it in reference of you not knowing me smh, but what I do care about is you quitting the community and JOINING BACK ON THE SAME DAY LOLOLOLOL


Goodbye everyone, this will unfortunately be the last time you will ever see me in GAR and the forums. I’ve made a ton of great memories with this great community and I will miss you all very dearly. Viva la Grand Army of the Republic. (real)



Your leaving after you got into OA?!

No way!! I predicted this! Ong.