Stop arresting raiders

I don’t see the point of having ARC when we have CG who literally ruin the game. I can’t even fight raiders because of these CG who go in game and arrest raiders just for massive killing GAR. It’s so stupid. It also ruins the experience for people who are in GAR who actually wanna fight raiders. If the KOS/AOS system gets deleted from the game, then I would be happy because this system is actually ruining the experience for new generation raiders like me. What was even the point of giving divisional’s free lightsaber gamepasses? Are divisional’s now godly now? Is this even star wars anymore? What is gonna be next? Arresting raiders for open carrying? I really don’t want this game to turn into another game like SiegeSquad’s TCAR.

I honestly think raiders are better than GAR. And heres why they are:

They are more brave.
They can STILL wipe out a patrol.
They are undefeated.

It’s really sad how divisional’s cannot even manage to keep up with raiders. So there only way to keep up is to cuff raiders and jail them. Divisional’s are suppost to be the big boys to put up an epic challenge against raiders. What happen to that? All I see is 1 raider wiping out a whole 15 player person patrol.

I don’t blame Rainylofi for this, but I do blame Devkurka and Vikinglaw for adding this system to the game.

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You had a good point, but you just threw it all out the window when you went on a random rant on why raiders are superior, and divisionals are trash.

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  1. we dont arrest raiders for open carry you will get killed for it but not arrested
  2. KOS/AOS system is like the only thing that gives patrols any peace
  3. you can still wipe out a patrol because you have stuff like alter, we cant alter an entire patrol
  4. divs dont get free lightsaber gamepasses, the top 3 most active get white sabers
  1. I’ve seen troopers more brave than a raider with alter and hiding behind invisible walls or sniping off the bridge

  2. Then why make the suggestion if they can still wipe out a patrol it’s just YOU can’t wipe out a patrol also alter skill issue detected

  3. Raiders can barley pass the border and they are undefeated hahaha funny

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That’s still giving a free lightsaber gamepass.

what? why are you saying troopers are more brave than a raider? you obviously dont see how brave the raiders that jump down at patrols using alter and double sabers are

Immigrants: literally nothing but a piece of paper

Raiders: buying the most overpowered game passes and win every single time they raid together or alone

GAR: gets free weapons and are basically just not main characters

Divs: get free weapons and top 3 get rewarded for their activity and some have shields

Raiders: already being op start loosing “this game is really unfair it’s unplayable for us remove divison perks” (this is stage one skill issue)

Raiders: “im leaving gar if you don’t remove the perks” knowing nobody cares (stage 2 skill issue)

Raiders: going to the forums to roast and rant GAR because of the divs (stage 3 extreme skill issue)

Gar & divs: begin clowning on raiders

Raiders: return to their hole

Gar & divs: enjoy a cup of tea together being happy they don’t suffer from skill issue

Raider lore

Gar with bought gamepasses of alter, destroy, choke and egg bomb, dual lightsaber, gold minigun: am i a joke to you
Gar lore(added in)

i do not understand why raiders go on rants against gar and try to get more buffs or change things, everything is going to change eventually but there is AOS for a reason so raiders cant raid the border for a long period of time

just play the game and deal with how it is now

i do not understand divisonals constantly asking for buffs 24/7 on the forums, how many raiders do you see asking for buffs, we just want fairness AOS is ridiculous for raiding and not needed fix your skills instead of needing to rely on cuffing raiders when they get AOS, in fact raider tools are getting nerfed and gar divisionals have been getting buffs for months now so please look at both sides. Sorry if this seems semi toxic but i need to point that out.

in why we hate AOS is because it ruins the experience for us raiders so please try to understand our side rather than being biast about it. I think it was fun back in the day when you could raid without getting jailed. I actually agree with the kos system i think that is fine, i just dont think the AOS system is needed.

this is coming from somebody who joined in 2020

with the new map this is going to be needed to changed as it will be harder to find raiders

i do understand raiders dont like AOS as i am also a raider but it kinda lowers the chances when both GAR and raiders keep asking for buffs/changes

i sort of agree. Raiders shouldn’t get AOS for raiding. KOS sure but not AOS. Not until there a bigger map and it becomes easier for them to run away from cg or something. But no one can be called brave just for fighting well in a roblox game.

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This is going to be a drama post, you should invest in it because it’s going to get bullish.

Divisional’s just give up and server hop instead of fighting the raider.

Ignore them, most are just toddlers or CC’s asking for their medi guns.

100% agree on your point, AOS is too far and just obnoxious. KOS is fine after awhile but AOS just cuts the fun out of raiding.

Yeah yeah sure dude :skull:

i do not understand why raiders go on rants against gar and try to get more buffs or change things, everything is going to change eventually but there is AOS for a reason so raiders cant raid the border for a long period of time!

What the hell do you mean bro? Legit anyone can buy game passes raiders aren’t overpowered

Then They are just bad #skillissue


Let me be fully honest here.

The reasons why raiders can mow through patrols is for one reason.

Pay to win.
They alter in, double lightsabres, and it’s not exactly easy to disperse when someone’s jumps on you from the bloody sky.

Also another reason why we can’t actually do a lot against raiders is because we… well, have morals and rules.

We can’t try to mow down an entire patrol finding one KoS.