Stage4 (WORKING) | The Forumy Awards

why didn’t put yourself in the most annoying poll? i bet you would have won.

Don’t talk to mi siddy like that. Gra.

First off, ouch. Second, I agreed I wouldn’t run as it could be “unfair”.

I deserve up and coming lolol

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how do you make polls

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I win a award ez. Pug #1

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Be sure to vote!

dude u arent even the most active shut up

Bro, you don’t want to be On 24/7.

Shut up blackhand ur stupid and ugly and i hope your mom eats you hahahaha

Shutup doesnt work on me hahaaa ur ugly and fat

Shut up the third guard ur ugly and stupid and I hope your mom eats your dad

milo didnt give us our awards, smh

what? i aint runnin this

Check stage 5. You can put it on your bio or something.

give trophy banner :rage:

Ok. I will later… I guess

Im not in here? what a shame.

You had to apply in stage 3.