Stage 5 (THE WINNERS) | The Forumy Awards

The Forumy Awards

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Most helpful

Winner: The_Third_Guard
Runner up: KKzuk

Most active

Winner: milo_creator
Runner up: The_Third_Guard

Most annoying

Winner: KOSIntention
Runner up: 3-way tie

Most comedic

Winner: Administration
Runner up: KOSIntention

Most creative

Winner: Administration
Runner up: milo_creator

Most loved

Winner: The_Third_Guard
Runner up: Administration


Winner: The_Third_Guard
Runner up: Qwerty and Administration

Thank your for all who participated and voted. I hope to see you guys in the next Forumy awards!

-sidthesuperkid87, Director, Founder, and awesomeness of The Forumy Awards

Pings: @josephi3210 @milo_creator @KURUPT10N @The_Third_Guard @snabsnik09 @blehman @DembIIe @KOSIntention

Additional: @BobTheBuilder @Administration @jameshall1 @Casabowie @onoff3545 @Tiger @MeIsC00lGuy2020 @KKzuk @Qwerty

Sorry if I missed anyone.

Wait, who are the winners.

Bruh click the arrow for the topics :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

How are 2 OG’s up and coming.

Idk ask the guys who voted.

i want to apply for the next one

Totally applying for next one

I won smartest let’s goooo

i won so many reward omg!!!111 (except i’m more active)

I honestly think you’re confused.

Im confused? I’m the one with 10x more days and work put into the forums

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Well the people voted me.

yeah cuz u lied and said ur most active nerd and you’re a liar you lied mutiple times to me rn

no ser u are most active pls i is nerd yes liar