Specialized Loadouts for Special Equipment Based Divisions/Companies

I feel like it can sometimes be hard for divisional companies to carry out their duties in Coruscant when their duties relate to specialized equipment usage (reconnaissance, healing, etc). This is due to how almost every division and divisional company recieves the same exact weapon loadout (blaster), with very few exceptions. A reconnaissance company will have a hard time sniping people with a blaster, and a healing company will have a hard time healing when they can only do damage.

For divisions or companies that require specialized weaponry to fulfill their purpose properly, I thus believe it would be very beneficial to customize their weapon loadouts according to their purpose. I myself am in a reconnaissance company, and I feel that my ability to carry out my duty in Coruscant is rather difficult when all I have to snipe with are automatic blasters.

I understand that this might affect revenue on gamepasses, but I don’t think it will affect it enough to justify not going forward with such a change.

All healing companies already get mediguns, all companies will get special items in the future

Was not aware that healing companies do have healing guns now.