Some new updates for the Republic Commandos


It would be fitting that the overseer of the commandos had the morph of Kal Skirata or Walon Vau, the two Mandalorian sergeants who were commissioned by Fett to train the elite of the Republic, nevertheless the clone commando. They have been busy training several of their teams, counting more than a thousand trained commandos. The source of this is Karen traviss’s canonical books, star wars: republic commando.

Another thing that I would add is also this very important: add the sniper module and the grenade launcher module to the DC-17 module if it does not have the possibility to be changed in these two modules it cannot be called DC-17. In addition, it would be nice to add a DC-17 pistol as equipment, also one of the main weapons of the commandos.

they do not need a literal grenade launcher
there is a sniper one ingame
there is a DC-17 pistol

Jeez you don’t need to kill this. Why not be constructive.

If they make the overseer jedi morph with lightsaber, i dont see how this couldnt make it into morph to make rc div have unique mandolorian as overseers.

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