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So I got something cool

So I made this new account due to my wifi sometimes having restricted access which meant that I couldnt log in with my discord so I had to make a forum account. Ive aready been here for a while which was when I had my discord account called Memerpug and so I made this for easier use on the forums. I couldn’t believe I was this active on the forums that I was able to receive this. I really do like the community alot here and I hope I can continue to stay active here and enjoy the forums.

This is given to any random new account.

It has to be new account or is it given to any account that doesnt’t have it?

Its a new account every month

Ok, but if I joined like 100 days ago can I get that badge or is it only for brand new users?

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Only brand new ones in the month they made their account

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