Small Suggestion


If we have crouch emote why wouldn’t we have salute and at ease? To salute we will have U key to use but to at ease Y.



I agree, most games have a inventory and emotes category in the top right corner of the screen •••. It would be easier if there were emote buttons or a emote category instead of us typing /e salute.

Seems like a waste of time.

I think this is a good suggestion it would make the game more easier

If you want to salute buy the free salute emote lol

But if you are doing like your last patrol so it will take a while until everyone will salute at the same time using /e salute so my suggestion will even help with it.

Hello @coocacolaboy

Good suggestion! Adding the salute / at ease emoji would make inspections and training more fun and cool for others to watch and a new way to formally greeting our commanders.

Though, they should only add the emojis to Troopers+ and not the civilians.