Since the morphs are being redone, why not make them modular?

The morphs have to be redone, and currently in-game there are very limited uses for credits. Along with that, we know the clones were very open to customizing their armor, so why aren’t we? I’d imagine it’d be fun to be able to modify our helmets somewhat. Stuff like adding the macrobinoculars, rangefinder, or visor. I understand some stuff has to be similar among companies, stuff like base armor, colors, helmet types, etc, but customizing accessories would be a solid change. Maybe, if possible, incorporate a section of the helmets that could be swapped out with other variants. Ex: the crown of the helmet could be swapped with one that has a little sticker, or a logo, or some stencil.

I think adding customization to normal GAR morphs would be cool, a stick on flashlight (shown below), pistol holster, maybe some stickers, comlinks on wrists, or tally marks on outer arms. Yk, some basic but cool addons.

Divisionals discluded tho, since they got tools and stuff. This would be normal GAR’s perk.

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Comlinks are every gar, including divisional essential equipments to stay communicate with each other. It should be able to transmit message in the comlink’s ui chat.

That’s interesting :thinking:
Gar skins surely need some accessories, because right now , all their morphs look dull and same.

Bring back the fuckin shoulder pads those things where do damn cool why take them from us? Why!

Divisional isn’t supposed to be an equal alternative to GAR I think, it’s just a step up.

What… i never said that tho. Im just saying add customization for normal GAR morphs, divs already have equipment.

Customization is a great idea, but there’s no reason to make it GAR exclusive IMO.

Divs already got their customizations

Div doesnt have customization. It’s the same as GAR, where if you get a new rank you get a new morph. Divs have “unique” features because you have to tryout to get in. There isn’t a reason to make a GAR exclusive feature.

Why ruin your division armor