Simple Double Jump Addition

My suggestion is just a small quality-of-life addition to the double jump gamepass. I propose a simple yet effective GUI addition to those who own the gamepass, telling them the status of their double jump. E.g, a small bar which fills once the jump is ready; personally I find it quite annoying not knowing if my double jump is going to work or not.

For example: this simple graphic where the green bar would fully fill once your double jump is charged.


We 100% need this!!!

Yeah, that would be nice, however, in my opinion, it’s kinda useless at the same time as you can just spam-click the space bar.

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Good idea, different look maybe?

True as this is, if you’re chasing/running from somebody you can’t really risk just falling off a building or something because your double jump didn’t work.

It’s a nice idea but it just takes like 2 seconds to charge up so it’s not really needed.