Shock Pike rework suggestions


We have 1 item in GAR that should get a rework, a Shock Pike. It already got it electric effect back but to make it look even better I have 3 additional suggestions about it.

  • Add a safe mode to it. The safe mode would work the same as it works for guns, it would simply prevent you from accidentally hitting someone. This may help as it’s easy to use the pike when trying to press no button when game asks you if you are AFK. Also this could look cool while guarding.

  • Vertical shock pike, just like RG, it looks way better than holding it the current way, I believe many people will agree with me on that.

  • Make it end with the electricity thing on both sides, that way it’s more accurate to the one from the clone wars. This, combined with prievous one will make it look like a electrostaff which looks way better than current pike.




@RainyLofi :family_man_boy: :anger::hole:

For real

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Good ideas.

Jetstream Sam cult on forums???

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Ig it was forgotten, hope someone will look at it and hopefully it could be added.

Love the idea, also renaming it to “Shock Staff” might work?

Got my vote.