SF, YODA need to post?

I have a quick question about SF and YODA subdivisions I know that Yoda and Special Forces are allowed inside the booth if they are in GAR. But, I was told by lots of divisional players that if they are NOT in GAR then they need to line up. I would love to know if this is true that SF and YODA that are not in GAR need to line up. Thanks!

SF and Yoda do NOT need to post. They can free roam. If they not in GAR, they can still free roam. Whoever told you that they need to stand in line is wrong.

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Yes, it is true as @BadKarma said, every single gamepass has free roam, no matter if they are in GAR or not. However, if you want to enter the booth you have to be in GAR and you have to be Specialist+ if any divisional will caught you in the booth, then he is going to terminate you probably.

If you have more questions, just ping me here and I will gladly answer on them.

SF doesn’t need to post. They have free roam.

I saw a non gar sf enter the booth and I am a trooper and there were no divisionals in my server so what should have I done?

Nothing. You nor the SF are allowed to be in the booth. I would say alert Specialist+.

I know sir so I just left him alone thanks for the advice

No All gamepass have free roam you can’t Post them.

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