SF becomes a division

SF should become a division because they already look like one and they could add more roles and it is very annoying having people acting like we aren’t different and we should be able to TK GAR people

SF is a paid gamepass. It’s a division for people who couldn’t make it into a division. Since it is paid and has no requirements, they arent allowed to TK.

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You do realise it is a subdivision , not a division. Subdivsion are units within main gar group and raiders, as it has two side in particular. One is gar sf and other is immigrant sf.
This is just a created units for gar or raiders to buy for the perks. And sf, on gar side, just a extension of main gar units, so nothing particular about it being a division at all, since it is a unit within main gar group, but as a paid gamepass.

No. You PAY for SF. You are not getting any type of power over people for a gamepass.

Just for the protocol. SF mean Special Forces, that why you get the C4. And just because you are a special force or squad it dont mean you instantly get TK perms and things like this. Most non divisional people dont know it. But joining a division is first of all hard (The 2% of players who shred everyone are not meant here) also it come up with more rules, discipline and harder punishments. In order of that I may not leak anything let me say it like this: If you break some rules as a divisional you get punishments that are not like: You lose 3 power or whatever. You can easily buy SF and most GAR SF already abuse C4 and TK. So why give them perms to TK to make it more chaotic than it is already. As SF you just pay and get it. As divisional you need to have discipline and majority.(What 50-60% of all SF dont have) I just say that with the divisionals again before anyone says divisionals are also kinda a special force.

Multiple problems, I’ll list all of them.

  • Free rank, giving no reason to rank up in main group after purchase.

  • Not being able to demote or punish the user properly due to it being a gamepass, taking the gamepass away for this would be breaking roblox TOS.

  • It would be one if not the largest division of all time, being unmanageable.

  • With no punishments being given, it would easily be abused

  • Untrained and unsupervised toddlers with a blaster, C4, and unlimited TK without repercussions would be hell for everyone in GAR.

  • No rank limitations, meaning a Cadet could buy this and immediately begin abusing power without any knowledge of the game.

  • No discord server as not everyone with SF morph is in the GAR discord, meaning bad communication within the “division”.

  • People with no skill in combat or knowledge of the laws of GAR shouldn’t be in a division (which is why tryouts exist).

  • No limitations to the amount of members within the group.

  • Going back to answer 2, divisions need a quota, how could they demote or remove users with the gamepass without it breaking TOS and getting the owner punished or game taken down.

  • Already been ignored and denied hundreds of times on the old forum.


Clearly best options is just for it to be just a gar/raider gamepass.

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Gar is regarded just as main units.

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this is like the situation for ‘sergeants should get the ability to tk’

youre basically suggesting that people can just buy their way to get easily abusive abilities, which is stupid, so no, sf shouldnt be given divisional powers, and in concerns of making a little ‘fan division’ for sf, people have tried that and they got the ability to host events, regardless they werent official, and they lost that power in only possibly less then a month, gamepasses dont get the abilities division do, and shouldnt get those abilities

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