Sergeant Major and Warrant Officer should get more items (suggestion)

A Sergeant Major and Warrant Officer are very high ranks but why they have only worst guns and a clearence 2?
For me they need more things

What do you think? im right or wrong?

Ok, but what items? You kinda need to be more specific.

Example Lightsaber or a better gun or medi gun

ok so they don’t need a saber, a slightly better gun maybe, a medigun no, thats a special thing for medical companies

Like, a card clearance 3 or 4 idk.

Better gun too, a elite blaster.

I agree with this. In the new map revamp MS+ should get a clearance 3.

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Asking for abuse, y’all get enough. If you want more items. Join divisions.

~dj2302brother, 91st Trooper CS

Main gar group are not specialty at all. So join the damn division instead for the perks you wanted.

Stop signing your name like your an officer or mod on here. It is a rule.

I am not, simplily something I do to look Mature. And if I wanted to fake being a mod / officer I would put an officer rank. And I am actually a Company Sergeant. There is no rule saying I cannot put my divisional rank.

Regardless of anything, you said you shouldn’t be. The mods do not care if you’re CS.

And Warrant clearence 4 that will be nice

Wanna know whats better than looking mature? Being mature so stop breaking rules

What if they get forces? Choke forces?

No. They don’t need them, dosen’t make sense in lore, and kinda a scam to the people who already have them.

it aint against the rules :joy:, also I’m pretty sure officers have better things to do then to ban someone from the forms for doing something that is not against the rules. educate yourselves before educating someone else.

Maybe a new gun one you would normally have to buy or discounts in the gun dealers

I may see why you suggested this. Well, yes it does promote people to rank up for a better reward, but that would be up to rainylofi in this part.

Itself, I may consider forwarding this to RainyLofi once he has done his work on the Halloween update. Happy Halloween.

In regards,

Thanks for your answer, are you a mod?