SER crimes against GAR [PLEASE READ]

Some of ours are toxic and commit crimes in GAR which are also crimes in SER, that’s why I will be joining something top secret to keep track of our troops to make sure they do not commit crimes of SK. If you have proof of them being part of SER and committing the crime, send it to me, and I will talk to our leader, in which name I will not be disclosing, and punishment will be mandatory. My name can be found in the discord. Which I will soon be changing to SerMC1234. Make sure if you are reporting something of mass crime in GAR to me done by a SER member, make sure you have there Roblox name, proof of crime and SER membership and we will see what we can do.

Got it. I’ll make sure to do that.

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Ok, I will do this too, and thank you for doing that, things like that is what makes the community grow and be more welcoming.

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Nice, because you need a seperate thing to get your SER members in check because you can’t make a basic training before joining, or even having competent members. Still not going to help at all since I can barely go in game because they say RG is “KOS” when I havent done anythig and all they do is be toxic and tbag me.