Senate Like board of represenatives

Hello! this is an old topic/threat from koruptionz i believe, not 100% sure on the name, and I love this idea, gives imms more to do, and so many other great aspects of the game, without further a do here is the topic!

The idea at first does indeed seem a bit far flung I agree, but I think that a method of representation from all corners of the Coruscant community is an excellent idea of identifying and figuring out problems in our community, and we can by working together form an excellent form of democracy in which everyone is represented as equals.

Now yes, once again I must reiterate the idea seems rather out of scale for a game such as Coruscant, but I do believe that a smaller scaled down version like this is an excellent idea, and enables everyone to share ideas and suggestions whilst also representing the community. I’ve thought this over many times for many a hours and I think that this should be how it works.

First of all, I propose a board of community elected representatives to decide on important matters on the game. I think that for example, a representative should be on the board on the behalf of their division. But the seat shouldn’t just go to the higher tier members, anyone should be able to put there selves forwards as a candidate for the job. For example, lets say that every division were able to pick a candidate. They could pick anyone from a Trooper to a Company Commander etc who would represent their division in the board of representatives. Every division would do this, as well as a representative for the Officers Academy, RI (optional), developer team, GAR non-divisions (only WOs can apply), and Immigrants. People from these groups would elect 1-2 people to represent them on the board and on the board these representatives would raise points that reflect what the group wants.

Think of it as the way the UK general election works for example. A group of people chose a representative (Member of parliament or MP) who would then go to parliament and representatives their constituents.

The board would also have a Chairman as well as 2 Deputy Chairmen for when the Chairmen is absent, they would be the “speaker of the house” and decide what points to bring up and keep order amongst the representatives. The Chairman role would have its own campaign in which anyone could put themselves forwards as candidates, and is not limited to the GAR.

Both the Chairman roles and representatives roles would have elections. The groups I’ve divided up would each represent a representative every 3 months, and every 6 months the representatives would elect a new Chairman, who in turn would pick (on their own) two Deputy Chairman. The general populous would not to be allowed to vote on the Chairman, only the representatives can elect one.

Now of course these elections would be a frantic time and I’m sure you have questions on how they would work. To better explain this, I will once again use the example of an individual division to explain how the election campaigns will work. To start, anyone can put themselves forwards as a candidate to be the representative. They would then have the period of around 2-3 weeks in which they can produce their campaign, manifesto etc. After two weeks, an initial vote would be conducted for the division on Discord for example of all the candidates. The top 3 candidates, so the ones with the most votes, will move in to the next phase of campaigning which would go on for another week. The ones who didn’t get the top 3 spot are eliminated from the race until the next election. After the third week a second vote would be called to decide amongst the top three, and whoever wins becomes the division ps representative. I’d like you to bear in mind that this would apply to every group or “constituency”, those the ones I’ve listed are not finalised groups, just a rough etching out.

The Chairman position however would be voted differently. The elected representatives would have a vote each to decide who they want to become Chairman. They would importantly, and I want to stress this, vote amongst themselves. They of course wouldn’t be able to vote for themselves and have to vote for another representative. Whoever wins the election as Chairman would then have the power to appoint someone to take their place as representative.

Now that I’ve described the election process I’d like to just reiterate a few other points. If at any point the constituents in the group become unhappy with their elected representative and there is major uproar against one, then the board can decide to call a referendum in the constituency in which the constituents can decide if they wish to oust their current representative or not. If they do choose to oust their representative, an early election for the constituency can be called to elect a new representative, though the board can decide whether or not if it suitable to call an election in an individual constituency as it may be too close to an upcoming “general election”.

The same premise would apply to to the Chairman as well. If the members of the board decide to oust the Chairman, the board can elect a new Chairman until the “general Chairman election” comes around again. Importantly though, Deputy Chairman will not be ousted with the deposed Chair, and will retain their position until the next Chairman election.

The idea of being able to oust a representative is an excellent idea because it makes sure the constituents feel as though they are being represented fairly. This also applies to allegations of Corruption or any other similar incidents, in which I suggest RI should get involved. I would also like to point out that the Board of representatives should not be used as a power grab by higher ups and constituents shouldn’t feel pressured into voting for someone with a high rank, and should instead listen to every candidates proposals and manifestos despite their rank.

Before I round this off, I would like to point out that everything I’ve stated is not the final product, and it’s likely that a fair amount of things will be tweaked, or maybe even completely re-altered because they simply do not work; though I am open to criticism and suggestions. I’d like to think of this as a very basic “Constitution” for a player led democracy, and although I doubt the idea will even get anywhere I think it’s a fun theory to toy around with; not to mention it fulfils my dream of having an equal playerbase, though that sound ps very Socialist, which I would like to state that I am not just for the reference.

For my final point I’d just like to say that yes this all seems very grand for a game that only really features one main map and a consistent playerbase a few hundred strong, but I think that the current feudal state of the game needs to be left in the past and we need to progress to a democratic future, or else the game (and community for that matter) will rip itself up from the inside. And finally, I want to point out that this idea does seem to be on the bigger side of the scale, though I’ve tried to make the entire idea a bit more compact, though I’m sure it could be made smaller.

Game revolving around raiding places hardly gonna get political system anywhere. Unless there like options where there economy system for immigrants to involve in, it hard to see how many gar will be willing to listen jurisdiction or whatever, especially when gar know so well that immigrants 90% cant be trusted. The idea of yours has be implemented in similar manner already as a group called Coruscant Senate, so let see if they lacking ideas that you do have here.

Senate is planned in the future however not our priority as of now.

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