Security for GAR spawn

So when I was playing gar raiders were literally sking us outside and coming inside our spawn . And it made me think what if GAR had a security defense system that locks everything down . And alerts a division to come and help deal with those raiders .also add like a laser system to the front of border and like add other planets you can teleport to . Like Naboo of just a different planet like from the movie

Ok so,

  1. SK is bannable, report them here.
  2. Do we really need a full lockdown thing? I feel it would just get used when it’s not needed. There is alarms however.
  3. Alert a division? Like alert one that’s already in the server or alert ones that aren’t?
  4. A laser system? Ok but what would that do?
  5. The game is called “Coruscant” not “Coruscant and Naboo and a few other planets”
    Also that would take a lot of work, and there is a new coruscant map coming soon.
  1. why the hell does this suggestion have spaces after fullstops