Riot shield for divisonal guarding units?

Guarding units deserve shields for their company cc and leadership and it’s also not fair that coruscant riot company only gets them heres some suggestions for what they should look like: Talon should have a black riot shield or more so like a swat shiled up to you and for the rest of the guarding units you can come up with this is highly recommed inside the 327th corps.

While it’s not a terrible suggestion, it doesn’t make sense for 2 reasons. First, lore. Only CG had shields. Others may have guarded, but CG were the only division dedicated to guarding enough to warrant shields. Second, CG is the primary guarding division. It’s why ONLY they get shields and cuffs.

Well a guard unit company would only make sense to have something like this.

For example: Ghost are primarily recon troops, with the task of guarding. Wouldnt make sense for them to carry shields. CG is stricter and has higher responsibilities than any other guarding company, that’s why they get shields.

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hello all divisions and likely companies are getting items at some point!!
not saying it will be a shield but you’ll likely get an item

Any Idea when we will get this?

Riot shields should stay to riot company for CG but maybe add some perks to guarding divisions? Like a bit extra health idk.

They don’t need extra health or anything, if they can’t defend their VIP then that is their issue.

While CG is the only division to use Riot Shields, Other shields have been used in star wars lore, (Season 6 Ep1) The M3 Bulwark Blast Shield was used by the 501st Legion and a Legion ran by Commander Doom

Lore was thrown out the door after morphs were changed to a more non-cannon look. More freedom and color.

yeah but still, talon and other companies don’t really need riot shields, one hard to get into company with shields seems fine, but every guarding company having shields is kinda OP on GAR’s side