Riot Companyshould get jetpacks for free

They should get them for free to insure the safety of the VIP and coruscant itself, as a riot company.

As a riot company memeber its super hard for myself when im guarding and then the VIP or personal I’m guarding flys somewhere I will either have to figure out a way to get there, or run around the whole place to get there and then he dies.

Even making a worse version of the jet pack might work aswell, one that doesnt go as fast and less fuel but faster recharge.

Or allowing us to have TP commands to VIPs.

You do realises that jetpack is 1899 bobux to spend for users and you want them to have it for free…

Good point, but jetpacks isnt the way to this. Perhaps allowing TP commands to VIPs.

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They don’t need them also red guard have enough stuff already.

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Clearly what red guard needs is a protection perk. To understand this, when a rg stand next to a vip, that user will receive health boost temporarily, as it is being “protected”. I might have “borrow” this perks ideas from tge.

It will be also more better if we could seen gamepass subdivision gain more arsenals, since clearly raiding gamepasses with progressive ranks is really lacking. This could help create “raiding army” for raiders.

I like the perk idea.

As for the second part, a raider group is planned.

RG is supposed to be one of the hardest divs, and one of the ones with the highest authority. “They have too much” isn’t a good reason.

is a forcefield, the best gun in the game, and a killzone not enough for them

No, Riot Company and Red guard shouldn’t get jetpacks for free because red guard already has a forcefield and riot company already has a shield. If you are having trouble killing a raider, then you need to improve. I find it really stupid to give GAR divisional’s free lightsabers, Forcefields and now Jetpacks? No, why would anybody wanna buy Jetpack gamepass for high cash and then get it for free for being in a division lmao.

Y’all don’t need anymore buffs.

ok. 2 hit guns, free jetpacks, forcefields. do you want something else? like immortality

I said we need them for guarding not raid protection?
Read before you reply…

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I dont want anything, I’m not RG. Also read my original message where I said they don’t need jetpacks. As an ELITE division, they get forcefields like the others. 2 hit gun is their unique perk I suppose as the primary guarding division. My suggestion was give them the option of teleporting a close distance to get within the VIP. If the VIP goes up to a ledge with a jetpack, they can still follow.

Note: This can not be abused since it’s not like you can open console and type the command in combat quickly enough for it to be viable.

riot doesnt need jetpacks

the excuse that they should get them simply for guarding isnt plausible, its just granting them an item that 1, could be used for something other then the intended purpose, as it most likely would, 2, give an unfair advantage against not only raiders, but puts riot above the rest of cg as well as just about every other division, and makes cg seemingly a more power abusable division then it already is, since its just giving a division with already powerful items another thing that puts them above, 3, doesnt need to be given to them, majority of areas a riot would need to be is accessible without jetpacks

and a two shot stun weapon (melee) and a badass morph, and clearance 4

riot company do have the shock pike unless they changed that, but they aren’t allowed to use it
don’t think they get clearance 4 either

I was talking about RG, cus you said forcefield and CG don’t have that…

and riot don’t have the best gun in the game so i’m right lol, you were talking about RG

Bro I don’t know under what rock you lied the past 2 years but Riot Company hasn’t had shock pikes in a loooooong time.

Also we do get Clearance 4.