RG VRS CG Who would win?

  • RG Would Totally Win
  • CG Would Wreck Them

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CG is not a combat focused division. RG also has better weapons.


yes i totally agree with u

well we all know the winner so i closing the poll the have RG against someone else and CG is out

I think it’s probably RG because of the super blaster, though CG do have cuffs. The fact that they have cuffs could mean that they could jail the RG, if they can click fast enough. That pig RG pike is pretty strong though. So, probably RG.


RG isn’t comabt division too

They need to be good at combat in order to protect VIPs.

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They just have good weapons but they aren’t combat division like CG

CG isn’t combat based either. They’re management based.
501st, 187th, maybe the 7th, RC, ARC, 104th maybe, combat.
41st and 327th are both support sort of divisions.
Management is RI and CG.
RG I honestly have no idea.

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Skill wise, RG. It’s considered one of the more exclusive divisions for a reason. Even if the RG isn’t particularly talented at combat, they’re well disciplined. Game wise, it depends. Riot company has a shield that can easily prevent the precision damage that an RG needs while being completely capable of outputting damage. Otherwise RG with a superior weapon will wipe CG midrange. Assuming both sides will have shotgun as it’s common to see both sides with them.

If they can use all their tools, CG can jail RG, that’s cuff abuse, so no. But basically RG spends like a couple hundred bucks on all the forces so GG ez, and have no skill guns. Even if CG has shields, they won’t stand a chance.

it’s based on skill saying that RG would win beacuse of super blaster is little stupid cause CG can just buy shotgun but if they would fight only with blaster riot would have easy beacuse of shield

RG is disciplining and authority based I heard.

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Correct Answer is:

  • Republic Intelligence
  • Coruscant Guard
  • Red Guard


  • 501st Legion
  • 104th Wolfpack
  • 187th Battalion
  • 7th Sky Corps
  • Republic Commandos
  • Advanced Recon Commandos


  • 327th Star Corps
  • 41st Elite Corps
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I mean the system still doesn’t work that well, because someone can get in just because they’re good at RCL combat and not be disciplined at all.

rg would lose because they have bad aim