Rework the force powers


Currently a lot of force powers are extremely OP and should probably be reworked to make them less OP and more fair for others while still keeping the thing they were meant to do.

ALTER - This one is just bad, it is literally impossible to counter-raid effectively against.
I suggest rather than making you invincible for 10 seconds, it should instead increase your health to around 500-1000 for like 30 seconds.

CHOKE - This one is really annoying for solo-counter raiders mainly and other things.

  1. You cannot use it on someone behind a barrier like the spawn barrier at the immigrant spawn.
  2. Add a way to break out of the force such as a QTE of some sort.

DESTROY- This one is really bad for patrols and again solo counter-raiders.

  1. Make it a bit less destructive
  2. Have it tell you which force is being used on you so patrol members can know to move away from the patrol
  3. A way to escape it affecting you.

Choke force is more broken that powerful. It works like alter force as well and you can’t kill the person that is using it. Or it is at least harder to.

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They are invincible, and the user loses all there weapons while being chocked

Forces are expensive for a reason just because you cannot afford them doesn’t mean they need to be re worked


they are currently the most expensive gamepass on the game, not everyone can buy it and it would be unfair to the ones that can to nerf it.

i myself dont have the money to buy any of the force powers, and still think this suggestion is unfair for those who already bought them.

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Says the guy without force choke.

it has nothing to do with aim, choke just makes you unkillable for whatever reason

I’m not bad at aim. I have shot someone with a shotgun blaster 5 times when they were using force and they didn’t die.

ive shot with a golden minigun at point blank and they only died when the person they were choking wasnt being choked anymore multiple times

Bro how the hell you can know this if you don’t even own one

It just makes harder to kill, 4-5 shoots

As someone who has most of the force powers I agree that there needs to be some nerf to certain force powers but the points mentioned just ain’t it and although yes the person you choke can’t kill you the other around you can.

they CANT. I have tried but for some reason the people using choke force are unkillable while they use it

Are you sure cause I still take dmg when I do force choke but I think they gain like more health idk

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it’s the truth tho???

It’s only op in crowds

They can… //////////////////

It doesn’t make them unkillable. In reality, it actually just gives them a lot of health. If you have a super blaster, shotgun or golden minigun it’s actually really easy to kill them.

This is talking from experience of being killed while force choking someone, and also killing people who are force choking people.

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