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Review about the new map and old map

I would like to clarify here that the owners have seen the amount of complaints about the new map and what i can conclude here is that everyone seems to dislike it. Personally my self, the old map is way better than the new one. Not to say bad about the new map i know v and k team had done so much for the new map, but when everyone dislikes it whats the point of it. What ive seen and gone through the reports are mainly everyone are suggesting to bring back the old map by separating 2 diffrent games so its balanced. The fun of the new map is not there anymore and i ‘ve seen many people saying ’ im gonna quit gar or raiding if the old map doesnt come back’. So i hope V and K team review this and i hope the old map can be returned. As for some proof u may refer here. I can guarantee that if they bring back the old map it would have more players that the new one

Pétition · GAR OLD MAP BACK! ·

I understand as I heavily dislike the new map’s layout too but it is very unlikely they’ll revert back to the old game regardless. A lot of robux, time, and sweat has been put into the new map, if they were to revert it, all of that effort would’ve been for nothing.

they spent almost a year making the new map, no way they gonna add the old map back

I understand that the map is disliked like i said whats the point of playing where theres no fun at all. Raiders are literally quitting the game and the game image might go down being honest not cruel

I understand they spent a year they could separate two games so that people who loves the old map a lot can play on it and people who likes the new map can play on the new map. So benefits both sides without any complaints

if they shrink new map i quit also i will unsubscribe to vikinglaw and others i have been with gar for 3 years and they should add more buildings to go inside of instead of making map smaller

You know that unsubscribing will bring u no benefit except satisfying for yourself.

yes but i will also protest and riot

if nessessary and i was planing to help GAR in the future but you know I can always change my mind

go unsub to him if you want to, no one cares


Ok i really don’t care but i am a staff sergeant and i like the map the way it is idc how big it is i like it they just need more entertainment thats it

Mate… GAR wasn’t even around for 3 years…

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well than i have been in it for a long time than

How are you going to riot in a group you’re not in?

because protectorboss1 is my alt

I will protest and will go in raider morph

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This guy reminds me of NJC.

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Honestly I never saw a problem with the old map. It was big, but not too big, and gave a very pleasing esthetic in terms of the graphics. Change can be a good thing or a bad thing, and in this case, I can’t really give an opinion on that because I’m just too used to playing on the old map, that I literally recognized the city layout. The new map was just released too soon in my opinion. I’m not saying that because of the bugs, I’m saying that because the map is just massive. I think they should wait until Roblox actually allows servers to functionally allow a lot of users in a single game, because 60 users in a game that gigantic wont really give such a pleasing experience.

Don’t get me wrong, the new map is INSANE, and I mean it. All of you devs (Especially Kurka) really deserve a lot of credit for what you’re doing, and I’m excited to see the finished version of the map!

The new map is good. The booths are more open not that clunky. The new map is bigger brighter and more postive in general. The old map is small dark and not exciting to explore.

Im personally looking forward to the new map. The booths gonna function much better.

The devs did a good job.
The new map looks like an actual star wars map. Futuristic open bright and cool.
Speeders which gonna be released for all gar is gonna be good on the new map.

I think it is NJC… It’s probably him on an ALT.