Revamp the Credits System

Credits are kind of useless in the game. Other than buying homes and renting weapons (most people buy them with robux anyways), there’s no other use for credits. It’s also incredibly tedious to earn them from cleaning up garbage and/or puddles, and robbing the bank is also very difficult with skilled divisionals. So my suggestion is to revamp the system. Add more ways to earn credits, like jobs, such as a bank teller, restaurant cashier, garbage janitor etc. Also add more ways to spend them, like furniture, more weapons, food, and speeders.

Additionally, you should also earn a certain amount of credits per minute as GAR, I was thinking 10 credits per minute as a cadet, and when you rank up to trooper, you earn 12 credits per minute instead of 10. Every time you rank up, you earn slightly more per minute. To encourage lower ranks to post/man a booth, they earn slightly more per minute if they are standing on a post or booth.

To cap off my suggestion, there’s one last thing I want to add. If you win awards in GAR (for example, the bronze crescent), you get the crescent on your morph and a large credit prize (I was thinking somewhere around 10k). If y’all want to add to this or give feedback don’t hesitate to in the replies!!

Jobs are already confirmed. You also get like 240 credits every 3 minutes or something. 10k is not a lot. I have been saving up for 2 weeks and got 40k it takes months if not years to get a crescent considering I am a SM after playing since 2020.

Most of what is being suggested is planned for release.