Reporting is broken


( I reported a player earlier, but it didnt let me upload videos. So i took a screenshot of the part where he killed me. I explained that i also have a full video. The mod said that its lacking context. How exactly am I expected to upload the full context if videos aren’t supported. Can they at least reach out to me on discord to get the full video?? )


( Please attach any materials which would help in identifying the issue - console logs, video, screenshots )

did you try using youtube, vimeo or even medal to try and upload, you can’t just upload files

You aren’t allowed to upload videos on discourse, only links to streaming platforms are allowed, like YT, medal, etc.

Your gonna need to upload video proof to any streaming platform like Medal, Youtube or Streamable and copy the link to the video and paste it in ur report.


Since this was posted, I have allowed further video sharing websites on the forum.