Report on a member of the moderation team


Reporter username: ( Your username )NJCTHEBEST
Reported user: ( Username of user you’re reporting ) hotsygurl3

Description he is harassing these guys

( Describe why you are reporting the user ) he is saying this stuff on topic > Rule Britannia. Britannia rules the waves. Britons will never, never, never will be slaves.
<@!703039965008756827> Come out ye black and tans. Come out and fight me like a man. Show your wife how you lost medals down in Flanders. Tell er’ how the IRA made ya run like hell away.


( Attach any materials which would prove the player has abused )

I do not see how that is rude in every way. They are simply singing the lyrics.

Thank you for the report!

Moderator was simply singing a song that is safe for work.

Thank you for the report regardless!

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Mans uses light mode

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Yeah just discard the report. He needs to pay for his sins.

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You got a problem with our Glorious Nation of Britain?

Topic closed since it was handled a while ago.