Remove TK warnings for SM+

I want to patrol in my GAR morph and some troopers are messing around but I can’t do anything. If some trooper shoots me I have to terminate him but then I’ll be banned. So I’d say to remove the TK warnings for E8 and E9. That way we can keep E4- disciplined when divisionals aren’t there.


There are a lot of topics about this and all say: “Join a div for kill trooper” or “SM+ is a buy rank so is a bad TK to remove”. But more player who quest this it can be a small chance that they remove TK warning for SM+

i swear to god if i see another remove TK warnings for GAR

NO. It is VERY abusable and VERY unneeded. Join a division. Also you can buy the rank as well.

Not sure how many people suggested this, to be honest. But, I will come in of why this is not be considered.

I understand that it may be annoying when deploying as GAR, and not in a division. I am aware of accidental teamkills, but that’s why appeal exists.

Secondly, there are people who will be trolling if this is removed. Of course, I can forward considering a suggestion that was to allow TK if an E-2 or lower was at the booth. But, it is hard to be able to enforce this very well if they going to allow those ranks to TK.

If you are in a division which I assume you are, you may use that to TK within legal grounds.

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HermanosLuDi, Beta Tester.

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